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Played this game as a filler before MH Stories, using muh phone with Drastic DS.
I ended up enjoying it way too much. It’s a damn shame i missed this game back on the NDS era.

Now i’m hyped for Dragon Quest XI localization next year! Weeee!

Also there seems to be some sort of distribution problem with MH Stories in Indonesia. I haven’t seen any local gameshop with the game!


So two Shin Megami Tensei games were teased a couple of months ago on nintendo Switch presentation. One for switch that for some reason reminds me of Nocturne and a 3DS game. Well apparently the 3DS game is a remake of Strange Journey with new added plot and content.

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Yo guys apparently there is another Global Mission going on right now. This time the mission is to find and capture pokemon that can only be found via Island Scan.


As you can see it runs until 9 January. Please contribute if you can!

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648Yo guys the Meloetta Event is going on now. Go to the Mystery Gift on XY/ORAS to get it. Yep no Sun/Moon yet unfortunately.

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Cynthia!! Sinnoh Remake Confirmed! I mean we might get one this 7th gen.
AND OMG!! ADULT RED & BLUE!! Now we know the purpose of the Pokemon Generations short animations from Pokemon Channel. Well played Pokemon COmpany, well played.

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250px-720hoopaApparently there is a Hoopa distribution going underway. For Halloween maybe? You can redeem it online via Mystery Gift Code: “2016Hoopa” on NA version of ORAS and XY.

Hoopa will come in Lv. 50 with Smoke Ball equipped. YOU SHOULD REDEEM IT ASAP, because the code will only works until Sunday, 9th October 2016.

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647-r20th Anniversary Keldeo is up for grab via online now up until 24th October. You can get it on ORAS and XY games. And as per usual it comes with random nature and 3 random maxed IVs. So don’t forget to soft reset to get the one you need, but Timid is preferrable.

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