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Great news for the plebs (lul) that didn’t get the demo code. Monster Hunter Generations Demo now available to download on the Nintendo eShop for everyone.

You will need about 2k of free blocks for the demo.
And it has unlimited use too! Just like MH4U demo back then you can also try the online multiplayer aspect of the game.

If you didn’t lnow the new game added a plethora of weapon “style” and i have to say it adds a fresh twist to the game even without adding new weapon class, because the existing weapon class feels like a whole new weapon with different “style”!

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now and taste the new MH yourself!

Image courtesy of Serebii.

Last month is the month for Manaphy. Now on July we got Shaymin distribution!
Just go to Mystery Gift > Get Via Internet, and you will receive Shaymin (with Micle Berry) for your ORAS/XY games!

Don’t forget to get Gracidea Flower to change your Shaymin into Sky Forme! (only from 5am to 8pm.)
Put Shaymin in your party and you can get Gracidea from a woman in the Snowbelle city Pokemon Center (XY) Or, a man in Berry Master’s House in Route 123 (ORAS.)

Stats comparison, Normal(Land) and Sky Forme.
img_20160701_104216.jpg img_20160701_105859.jpg


After Mew on late January and Celebi distribution last month this time it’s Jirachi’s turn to be distributed.
To get Jirachi just go to Mystery Gift and redeem via online. Yep it’s already up now until 24 april.
You can redeem Jirachi on XY and ORAS.
Don’t forget that if you have more than one game you can redeem Jirachi on each game. PROFIT!

Shitty blurry image >__<
Apparently these distributions are parts of Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration with each month there will be a mythical pokemon distribution. By mythical i mean pokemon that you can only get from event like this such as Victini or Shaymin.

Jirachi comes at Lvl. 100 with Salac berry equipped.


Maxsoft, the official Nintendo partner in SEA region (IIRC, lul) once again delivers awesome distribution for us SEA players.
And this time it’s the elusive Mythical Pokemon Mew distribution!

FYI: Last month they’re doing this distribution on Singapore to people who went to the 20th anniversary celebration of Pokemon there.

Mew copy

Don’t forget to get it tomorrow guys because it’s limited.
Oh yeah don’t forget it’s only for ORAS.
I also believe that people outside SEA can get the codes.
So yeah GET IT ASAP when it’s up!

FYI: The only way to get Mew legitimately (boo hackers!!) is via event and distribution such as this or semi legitimately via a glitch in Pokemon Red,Blue and Yellow.
Yep the glitch still works on the eshop version!

—————UPDATE: The distribution is up now!—————
Go here:
Apparently Pokemon XY can also redeem the code. Yummy.

If you haven’t watched the direct yet well you should!!

The direct started with a short history of Pokemon games. From Green to XY.
And the most important thing is the announcement of the new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS!! Which will be released worldwide on Holiday 2016.

Yes. Apparently the rumors about sun and moon recently are true.

sun and moon.PNGWOOOOO!!!
I’m really hyped for the game now.

Thankfully it seems like the game will be able to be played on all 3DS models.
So yeah you don’t have to upgrade to New3DS if you don’t want to.
But i think there will be some advantages playing the games on New3DS.

Like in MH4u where New3DS benefits from faster cpu meaning better framerate, better loading times and better rendering. (full 3D outside battle maybe for Sun and Moon? yummy)
And of course don’t forget the C-Stick and the ZLR buttons.

Unfortunately, the direct doesn’t reveal anything but title logo of these games.
So the only thing that we can do right now is speculate and theory crafting.

One other thing is that the older pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow games will be available on nintendo eshop and will be compatible with PokeBank.

Christmas is looming on the horizon.
And once again Maxsoft is doing a Pokemon Distribution.
This time it’s the closest thing to God in the Pokemon World, the one and only Arceus. Get it? Christmas, God and Arceus :v
Go get it now guys before they’re out of tickets.
Maxsoft Facebook page : Click Me!!
Redeem the Ticket here : Click Me!!


Ah look a “Sly” Zoroark with Sludge Bomb!!
Now you can trick and one shot all of those pesky fairy types!!
Not Klefki though. Or Carbink. Or Sableye. Or…  Well… You get the idea right?

Just go to your ORAS game and get it via internet.

Unfortunately this move isn’t an egg move and can’t be given to Zoroark through any other way.
So if you want to use this pokemon on competitive battles you should do reset-run until it has the IV and nature you want.



Finally it’s here!!
Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page!!


It’s up now guys!! Get the coupon HERE!!
You can get Hoopa on XY games too but you can only get Prison Bottle, an item for Unbound Hoopa on ORAS.
Just go to the Mart and talk to one of the NPC to get the item and use it on Hoopa.

wpid-img_20151009_110415.jpg                    wpid-img_20151009_110745.jpg


This game is gonna be amazing!! It has platforming action with map system ala Metroidvania and battle system that looks like an improvement from the original Valkyrie Profile battle system with sleek animations to boot.

This game is not finished. Well it’s not even in development yet, the devs still looking for people to backed up the project. (crowdfunding)
You can back the project HERE.

If you want to try a playable teaser/demo you can download it from the official site HERE. It was awesome!!

SMT4final logo

Yeah im a bit surprised by this revelations. SMTIV has lots of references to the original game. Everything feels like a reboot. But i don’t think ATLUS gonna pull out direct sequel just like the original SMTI and SMTII. As a fan of the series i’m REALLY HYPED!!

The story will be set a few years after SMTIV. It is not known yet which SMTIV ending this game is based on but it might be the neutral ending just like how SMT II continues the Neutral ending of SMT I.
You can get to the offical japanese site HERE.

Cited from Siliconera :

The stage is set in Tokyo of the year 203X.

In order to avoid destruction from the war against the gods that suddenly broke out 25 years prior, thick bedrock was made to cover the sky, which also prevented any contact with those outside.

It wasn’t long until the battle ended, and the people of Tokyo began to fight and murder others for the little amount of supplies and resources that remained, as they’ve become ruled over by the angels and demons that stood atop the food chain.

560e5dea922e91Is that blonde girl with a rifle Nozomi? OMG.

Protagonist (CV: Hiro Shimono): has been spending his days as an apprentice of an organization called the Outlaw Hunters. While out on a mission, he takes a surprise attack from a demon, and dies.

Mysterious Demon (CV: Shuichi Ikeda): after the death of the protagonist, this mysterious demons finds him wandering the underworld and forms a contract with him, giving him a new life and the ability to summon demons.

Asahi (CV: Seike Tomoko): a 15-year-old girl and childhood friend of the protagonist. She’s also part of the Outlaw Hunters organization.

Navarre (CV: Shintaro Oohata): the same Navarre from Shin Megami Tensei IV. After losing his life for something petty, Navarre wasn’t able to properly find peace in the afterlife, and that’s when he meets the protagonist. He currently has the form of a green body.

Masayuki Doi is the character designer of the game, and you’ll see the likes of Merkabah, Lucifer, and others, including Medusa from the previous game, in their refined forms.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final will release in Japan in February 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently 90% complete.

I can’t wait!! Oh and you know the whole protagonist died from a demon attacks and another demon come to ressurect him is a nod to the original Devil Summoner. Oh my gawd so much references!!


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