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250px-720hoopaApparently there is a Hoopa distribution going underway. For Halloween maybe? You can redeem it online via Mystery Gift Code: “2016Hoopa” on NA version of ORAS and XY.

Hoopa will come in Lv. 50 with Smoke Ball equipped. YOU SHOULD REDEEM IT ASAP, because the code will only works until Sunday, 9th October 2016.

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647-r20th Anniversary Keldeo is up for grab via online now up until 24th October. You can get it on ORAS and XY games. And as per usual it comes with random nature and 3 random maxed IVs. So don’t forget to soft reset to get the one you need, but Timid is preferrable.

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491darkrai_dp_anime_4Good news for those who don’t have a Darkrai yet, Universal Darkrai code is up now. Go to Mystery Gift and get via code and insert this code: Darkrai20

You can redeem the code with NA region’s copy of ORAS and XY. But if you already redeemed a Darkrai code from Gamestop earlier this year then you can’t redeem this code. This code will expire on October 31.
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494As title says you can get Victini online distribution as a part of pokemon’s anniversary monthly mythical distribution. Just go to mystery gift and get it via internet on ORAS and XY. Bad news is it doesn’t have V-Create! Boo!

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Great news for the plebs (lul) that didn’t get the demo code. Monster Hunter Generations Demo now available to download on the Nintendo eShop for everyone.

You will need about 2k of free blocks for the demo.
And it has unlimited use too! Just like MH4U demo back then you can also try the online multiplayer aspect of the game.

If you didn’t lnow the new game added a plethora of weapon “style” and i have to say it adds a fresh twist to the game even without adding new weapon class, because the existing weapon class feels like a whole new weapon with different “style”!

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now and taste the new MH yourself!

Image courtesy of Serebii.

Last month is the month for Manaphy. Now on July we got Shaymin distribution!
Just go to Mystery Gift > Get Via Internet, and you will receive Shaymin (with Micle Berry) for your ORAS/XY games!

Don’t forget to get Gracidea Flower to change your Shaymin into Sky Forme! (only from 5am to 8pm.)
Put Shaymin in your party and you can get Gracidea from a woman in the Snowbelle city Pokemon Center (XY) Or, a man in Berry Master’s House in Route 123 (ORAS.)

Stats comparison, Normal(Land) and Sky Forme.
img_20160701_104216.jpg img_20160701_105859.jpg


After Mew on late January and Celebi distribution last month this time it’s Jirachi’s turn to be distributed.
To get Jirachi just go to Mystery Gift and redeem via online. Yep it’s already up now until 24 april.
You can redeem Jirachi on XY and ORAS.
Don’t forget that if you have more than one game you can redeem Jirachi on each game. PROFIT!

Shitty blurry image >__<
Apparently these distributions are parts of Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration with each month there will be a mythical pokemon distribution. By mythical i mean pokemon that you can only get from event like this such as Victini or Shaymin.

Jirachi comes at Lvl. 100 with Salac berry equipped.