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I’m pretty late about ORAS, thanks to Persona Q and major events in my life. I just finished clearing Hoenn League a couple of days ago and just recently immersing myself to the wonderful world of Secret Base.
I know it’s pretty late but i thought i’ll share a reddit post i found, cuz why not.

Disclaimer!! I didn’t create these QR Codes. I simply compiled them under one page for easier reference. Either for myself or my friends.

The first one is on Secret meadow btw.


So the idea is you can triple battle with lvl 100 Blissey x24 a day. Of course you need Level Release decoration to actually fight lvl 100 Blissey, if you don’t have it you will only fight lvl 50 Blissey. You can get Level Release on Battle Resort. Equip Lucky Egg and use O-Power if you want, to improve the Exp Gain.

There are 12 bases in total so in order to fight each owner twice you have to:
1. Fight them in their base. Some of them have friends in their base so you can fight them too. These battles can only be done once a day.
2. After fighting them add them as your friends.
3. Go to your base, the added friends will appeared on your base, fight them again.
4. Say goodbye to them.
5. On the next day repeat steps 1 to 4 :v

If you add someone’s base via QR Codes, you have to wait until the next day to actually fight them. And if you don’t need to fight them try to talk with them each day, cuz they always gives a free decoration everyday. And don’t forget the flags guys, have fun with Secret Bases!!

If you need lots of money, scan these bases for a Smeargle with Happy Hour.
Thx Alan and unknown guy. (lol)

You can copy the skill by using move “Sketch” on your own Smeargle.
Happy Hour will add a 2x modifier to money received from battles.
And it stacks with Amulet Coin and Prize Money O-Power too.

And some compilations by VislorTurlough.
Very useful to get those great support moves on Smeargle.
Dark Void anyone?






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