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Yo guys apparently there is another Global Mission going on right now. This time the mission is to find and capture pokemon that can only be found via Island Scan.


As you can see it runs until 9 January. Please contribute if you can!

If you don’t know what Island Scan is, it’s a new feature that tied with the QR Scanner function in Sun&Moon. You can read what it is on SerebiiĀ here.

You can also check what pokemon can only be found via Island Scan on Serebii here.

Each day you are given 10 chance to scan a QR Codes which replenishes as times goes on. To use the Island Scan you need 100 points. A normal QR Code gives 10 points towards using Island Scan. But there are special QRs that gives you 20 points.

So the idea is to scan these special QRs so you can do Island Scan twice in a day. If you’re interested in how to do this go aheadĀ and read this reddit post. Everything that you need is there so don’t be lazy and read it if you still don’t understand what you should do.

Oh and also don’t forget to sign up for the mission first before you do it or everything will be for naught!

Talk to the woman in green to sign up with the Global Missions!

Sources: Reddit, Serebii.


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