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Greetings everyone. We from the SILVER guild wants to inform you all that our guild members have managed to reach the 3rd Stratrum of High Lagaard’s Yggdrasil recently. It’s surprising how there’s a snowy mountain region up there on the 16th floor. One thing to note is that much of our members have caught a mysterious sickness called “Nerfs” in High Lagaard. This sickness caused our members to mysteriously forgotten their own skills, causing the expedition to be much harsher than our time in Etria.

Here’s the current status of our Main Exploration Party:

Tierr the “Landshark” switched his style from All-Slash to Tornado for crowd control skill because All-Slash damage is too weak to be viable now. While All-Slash can hit 4 enemies, Tornado only do “Cleave” effect up to 3 enemies but is significantly stronger.

Kyaroo the Protector is now in our Main Exploration Party, replacing Xei the Troubadour. We found her expertise with shield to be even more useful now. Smite for example deals decent damage now and has a chance to do Arm Bind to the target, disabling their Arm based skill. They might be dead against Hellion, the 2nd Stratum Boss if the Arm Bind effect of Smite didn’t procs.

There’s not much changes to Zera the Alchemist. Except that her spells consumes way more Tp now, so she need to be extra mindful of when to use her spells.

Brandon the Battle Medic seems to be having a lot of problems. 1st of all he forgot how to use Immunize, a strong spell that greatly boosts our defenses. Also it takes 5 more points now to learn Caduceus, an extremely strong skill that even rivaled Tierr’s power, so he decided not to learn the skill for now, heavily reducing the party damage potential. Another problem is just like Zera, healing spells now costs a lot more so Brandon has to equip more gears that boosts his Tp. This caused him to have low attack and defense. But still his healing spells are something that we can’t live without.

Yucel the Survivalis is a shadow of his(her?) former glory. He is no longer a powerhouse like how he was in Etria. Due to the “Nerf”, Multi-Shot(now called Double Shot) only do 2 shots as opposed to 3 shots like before. He’s more of a utility member now since 1st Turn is still as useful as ever for emergency healing. He’s currenly using an amazing bow called Zemiel Bow (the BEST bow actually) that greatly boosted his attack, it costs 231.000en!

We also decided not to include Xei the Troubadour because the “nerf” which caused him to unable performing Relaxing, the Tp regen song anymore which is crucial for longer exploration. Thankfully High Lagaard’s Yggdrasil has a lot of shortcuts, significantly reducing backtracking and in general makes exploring easier so we don’t think that Xei is as useful as before.

That’s all for our progress report for this time. Hope you have a good day.


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