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At last we finally found the mythical floating castle, the Heavenly Keep. The castle shining brightly like a jewel ladened with gold while covered and protected by storm clouds on every directions. The walls and floors of the castle also shines brightly, hurting our eyes in the process.

This place is the place where the entity called Overlord reigns and hold the answer of the many mysteries surrounding the legend. And of course the Holy Grail that the Duchy need to heal the Duke’s illness.



21F ~An evil-eyed door~

This floor is full of one way moving floor, so there’s a lot of backtracking involved. The monsters also really strong compared to other Stratums and also really quick. We missed a lot against the woodbat and some of the monsters could downed us in one hit[instant kill].

[I actually Retire-ed 4 of my main party after they reached Lv.70 post fighting with Harpuia.
Retire is a feature where you delete a character and then create new character with half of the level of the deleted character but with bonus to stats and skillpoints and if you retired at max level the new character’s max level will increased by one.
The reason why i retired my characters is because i reached Lv. 70 really early and also for the bonus skill points. At Lv.70 i got like 6 Skill Points.
The first time i tried to explore the 21F with a team full of Lv.30. We got rekt, hard. Then i grind the past bosses and tried again with Lv.40 parties. The team fared better but missing a lot of attacks and monsters could kill them in 2 hits, Brandon the Battle Medic especially died alot.]

A voice came to our mind the moment we step foot on the castle for the first time. The voice sounds bitter and introduced himself as the Overlord. At last we are going face to face with the Overlord. Brandon chant the pact to the voice and it seems to acknowledged us. He said something about us being the decendants of those who split from him and live on the ground.

We also found a strange message after tinkering with one of the walls.

It’s a message about how a country vanished without a trace and whoever made the message they decided to be the leader of a new world. This message confirmed our suspicions that the Overlord might be a survivor of ancient people, much like Visil.

Monster Data
– Gold Gel resists physical attacks and elements other than ice, so using ice skills are mandatory to kill it.
– Woodbat has a tendency to call Riptor, a really strong monster that we haven’t seen in any stratum before. We were forced to ran away from it once, after it called 2 Riptors.
– Mandrake is really dangerous. It’s scream could downed everyone in the party in one hit. Kill it as soon as possible.


22F~The Serpent’s Narrow Path~

The Overlord talked to us the moment we reached this floor. This time he told us how he cheated death and becoming immortal. It seems he wants to use us in some kind of experiment. Zera theorize that this experiment regarding immortality might be the cause of how Scylla turned into a monstrosity. It’s a risky business but we must stop him before he do the same thing to other explorers or even worse to Lagaards’s Citizens. If anything we are the most suitable people to do this considering our past achievements.

This floor is a bit tricky thanks to the many path that can only be traversed in one direction. I don’t know what kind of magic is this but this is really annoying. To make matters worse there are Evildra blocking some paths here. Evildra much like Helldra back in 2nd Stratum only active at night and they are really powerful. I would highly recommend everyone to just stay away from the monster.

Also the Left and Right wing side of the floor can only be accessed from 24F. These areas are the ecnter of a request from the Grand Duchy where you need not only travelled every floors  but you also have to drawn the walls.

At A2 we found a message much like the message on previous floor. In fact this one seems to be a continuation of the last one.
It talked about the end of the world and how researchers from all around the world back then tried to ensure their survivals. I think at this time it’s obvious that the Overlord is the one who created these messages.

This also reminds us about what Visil said back in Etria. He said that the Yggdrasils were part of an experiment intended to clean the world from whatever it is destroying it. The Overlord experiment on the other hand seems to be directly experimenting on humans to find a way that they can survived the destroyed world. Though for some reason it somehow changed into a research for immortality. Interesting…

Monster Data
Nitemare copy.png
– Nozuchi has a tendency to do a random binds to everyone. Do note that Arm Bind makes it harder to hit enemies.
– King Gel tends to call a Gold Gel when it’s alone. It’s also resist physical and elemental attacks but very weak to thunder element.

– Evildra always charging it’s attack before attacking. So you need to kill it as soon as possible or you’ll ended up with everyone knocked down in one hit.

23F~A Crazed Black Beast~


The Overlord talked to us again the moment we set foot in this floor. He asked us how we feel about inmortality. He told us how “The Grail of Kings” has the ability to give immortality. He also warned us that in this floor there’s someone who once was an explorer like us but now has turned into an invincible beast with the power of the chalice. The interesting part is how he specifically said “The Grail of Kings i have OBTAINED…” Could it be that the Overlord didn’t created the Grail himself?


This floor doesn’t seem as hard as the others at a glance. But when we travelled through the floor there are a lot of FOEs prowling around here.
See how hard it was to navigate the floor? The most dangerous FOE in this floor is BeamEdge. They’re the remnants of the Ancients technology. A metallic puppet with a sword made of light that could easily cut through Kyaroo’s armor. The FOEs on the middle areas called Guardian. They are easy to destroy but more of them seems to spawned from out of nowhere everytime we destroyed one.

On the next room we found the invincible beast, Colossus. Probably the strongest monster that we’ve ever fought. It has strong defenses against physical attacks and hit really hard. The beast could easily downed me in one hit. Only magic could consistently hurt it, that’s where Zera shines in. But even then Megido didn’t hurt as much. This is basically a protracted battle with Kyaroo trying to keep everyone alive, Brandon keeping everyone healthy while Zera chipping through the beast thick skin with Megido.

I don’t know why but for some reason this beast reminds me of Flausgul of Guild Beowulf. He was a protector that we met on the 1st stratum. We found his canine companion, Kurogane dying near Chimera’s lair with Flausgul no where to be found. The Grand Duchy and the Explorer’s Guild declared him as Killed in Action but his body never found. Could it be that this beast is actually Flausgul?

We managed to salvage a Guard Skin and a Red Spine from it’s carcass which latter crafted into Holy armor for Protector and Ruby Mail for Ronin. Both are especially strong armor. How fitting since they’re made with materials from an invincible beast.

[The red spine is a conditional drop from killing the Colossus with anything but physical attack. The Holy Armor and Ruby Mail is actually the strongest craftable armor both for Protector and Ronin]


The Overlord talked to us again after defeating the beast. He sounds impressed with our achievement. He also said that he’s waiting for us at the top floor and giving us one last ominous promise.
Screenshot_2018-04-01-22-51-35.pngNear the stairs we also found another message this one seems to be about Overlord’s regret about his companion’s decision to leave. Whoever this person is, he seems to be a researcher and probably one of the ancient people that decided to stay on earth instead of staying on this castle.

Monster Data
Gemzard copy

– Beamedge is really dangerous. It’s sword of light could taken anyone down in one hit. Stay away from it unless you’re confident that you can kill it quickly.


24F~The Dark Eyes See All~

There’s a lot of backtracking involved in this floor. We started at C4 and then we took the stairs at A2 to 23F to access the left wing area of 22nd floor where there’s a stairs to E1. THen we have to walk around the floor to reach B4, the stairs to 25F. The stairs on A6 leads to the right wing side of 22F. There are also FOEs called Stireye that chases us around. The FOE itself isn’t too tough but it always using Curse on us which often causing us using too much supplies. And since there are a lot of dead ends here we are forced to use Warp Wire a few times.

At B1 we found yet another message, but this time i’m not entirely sure what the content is about. Here is a transcriptions of the message:

“Ancient… lege… power… dreamed by… king… mighty…
… Grail… of Kings… Everyone… saved… Will be… saved, but…
Why… won’t… answer?… i… researched… prevent everyone’s… dea…
Live… forever… Still… here…”

Monster Data
– Gigantue could inflicts Petrify with it’s attack. It’s really weak to lightning, so kill it before it can touch you.


25F~The Overlord of Daybreak~


This is it, the top floor of the floating castle. There’s a lot of FOEs patrolling this floor. Thankfully there is a Geomagnetic Pole on this floor so we don’t need to backtrack too much when we are out of supplies. One of the most dangerous FOE in this floor is Dinolich. We have fought Dinolich before, back in our expedition in Etria and the Lagaard’s species is actually weaker than we’re used to fight but they’re still a foe to be reckoned with.

At D4 we found Foul Grail, minister Dubois  said that based on legends the chalice has the opposite power of the Holy Grail, the power of death, he also entrusted us with the chalice in the hope that it won’t fall to the wrong hands. Two chalices with the power over life and death, i wonder how that works.

At E4 we finally met with the Overlord. The Overlord told us how the world was destroyed once. His people created the floating castle as an “Ark” and managed to escape and taking refuge in it. But some of his people decided to stay on the ground facing inevitable death. I believe these people are the Lagaardians ancestors.

He tried to experiment with the idea of fighting death so that the people would survive and he finally created the Holy Grail. The holy Grail is not perfect yet, it should be giving immortality but ended up creating monstrosities like Scylla. Even after countless aeons and humanity has rebuild new civilizations the overlord still experimenting with the Holy Grail.

He gave us two choice to accept the gift of immortality or face a certain death to get the grail. We believe he is a danger to High Lagaard. His intentions to continue experiment would requires more people. So we decided to end this cruelty.


We fought with the Overlord. To our surprise he is not exactly human anymore but made of metal and looks like a shield. Maybe this is the price he paid for immortality? His attacks aren’t really damaging and only hit one person at a time but can cause confusions. After defeating the Overlord he transformed into something resembling a humanoid with a bit of draconic appearance.
This time he often hits everyone, hard, and has a chance to inflicts confusion and petrification. We ran out of supplies and barely managed to kill him. Zera’s Megido and Yucel’s Apollon are the biggest contribution to this battle.

Screenshot_2018-04-06-14-45-24.pngAfter the battle we took the Holy Grail to Lagaard and gave it to the Grand Duchy to fulfill the Princess’s Request. Last time i heard that the Duke is well now. I just hope nothing would happen to him considering the nature of the Grail. We also took the Lord Wrath, the remains of the Overlord that we received from battle to Smithy Thompson which later forged into Czar Cloth, a sturdy armor that can be equipped by anyone. The princess also gave us the Ducal Mark as gratitude.

Also talking with verious citizens of Lagaard we found out that various debris falling down from the castle to Lagaard when we were facing the Overlord. Thankfully there’s no major casualty.

Currently we still have no plans for the future, whether to stay in Lagaard or going to another place looking for another adventures. There’s also the problem with the Foul Grail, but for now we of the SILVER guild are going to have a nice long vacation!

Monster Data
– Tortiron is very sneaky if it’s alone and always ambushed us. It’s always increasing it’s defense before starts attacking. If it’s already armored up, use ice element attacks to kill it.




Yucel reminds of a monster called Salamox from the 2nd stratum that we’re forced to evade before because it’s too strong. After a shirt discussion we decided to revisit the stratum to slay the beast, because it’s a threat to Lagaard.
The beast attacks are really powerful, it’s tail are really quick and can attack multiple times and could even knock me down in one hit, it’s blazing breath is really powerful that we would’ve been burned to ash if it’s not for Kyaroo’s Anti-fire shield technique. Not only that it could let out an ear piercing shriek that could inflict curse or even knocked everyone in one hit.

We managed to get Flame Bone and Flame Puff from it’s corpse which latter crafted into Levantine, a fire elemental sword and Agneyastra a really strong Gun.

[Agneyastra is actually the strongest Gun in the game. But it’s tough to get Flame Puff to unlock it. Flame Puff is a conditional drop that requires you to kill Salamox with a fire attack. Since Salamox use fire element itself it’s naturally resistant to fire.

Any fire attacks would only inflicts around 5 damage. I was forced to get Xepart, my Hexer to learn Dampen which reduced an enemy’s elemental resistance to 120%. This resulting in Salamox to receive 400 damage from Zera’s Tier2 fire spell, making the whole endeavor much easier.]


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